hotmail logo Looking for professional email server? If so, from here we recommend This is one of the most widely used worldwide, and it is owned by Microsoft, so you can be sure that you always offer the highest quality.

hotmail logoSign in is very simple and takes less than 10 minutes. Once you do, you will have access to your inbox where you can manage all your e-mails effectively, while talking with friends by instant messaging system. And all completely free. offers not only email, but that this direction will have access to many other Microsoft services such as Xbox Live to play online with your friends or hosting service SkyDrive files online. Of course, free.
It is noteworthy that since February 18, 2013 merged thereby improving service quality. So, if you ever see in browser address bar do not worry, because this is the same service., hotmail, hotmail mail, hotmailç,

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Do you have disorganized the Hotmail inbox? Do not worry, this article will explain everything you need to know to use the most of the options we provide. In the picture below you’ll see a common Hotmail inbox:

Hotmail inbox

bandeja de entradaOn the left are the different folders you have on your Hotmail. The most important of these is the Inbox, and this is where the vast majority come from emails you receive. However, keep in mind that sometimes mistakenly Hotmail brand some good email as spam, so we recommend you also ojees this folder occasionally to make sure there have not any important mail.

In the central part of the Hotmail inbox emails are you received, sorted in chronological order (the last you got above). You can change this by clicking on the drop down “Sort By” and choosing the one you prefer. The emails that you have not read are in blue and bold, while those who read and are in black and not bold.

Finally, in the area of ??the right you have the latest news or, if you click on the symbol of the face that are top right, you’ll see Chat Outlook.

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